CV-19 and online measures: joint statement from CST & CIMS

Joint statement from CORE System Trust & CORE Information Management Systems 29/3/30

The CORE System Trust and CORE Information Management Systems (CORE IMS) are aware that many counselling and therapy practitioners make highly effective therapeutic use of the suite of CORE Outcome measures and have done, in some case, for very many years.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic is forcing our professions to change the way we work, and we’re very conscious of the severe limitations of paper-based measurement as talking therapy evolves to online and/or telephone delivery to comply with the urgent need for social distancing.  

Whilst information management systems incorporating CORE measures typically include features to send secure email invitations for clients to complete measures, we’re aware that many services don’t have such resources available and urgently need tools to support remote measurement for the necessary continuity in their safe and effective practice.  

The following links provide a range of free resources for download – although naturally, usual limitations of liabilities apply, and appropriate use of any CORE resource is the exclusive responsibility of providers’ services.

  • Fillable PDF forms: probably the easiest option but with confidentiality issues you must discuss with clients.
  • Other options: includes Google forms option: less easy to set up, probably better confidentiality, and other options probably only feasible for large services.

We’re indebted to Chris Evans personally for taking the considerable time to design these tools, and for his willingness to continue to support them to the best of his independent capacity herein through his CORE support site.   

The CORE System Trustees and the CORE IMS Team hope you stay safe and well in these unprecedented times.

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