Site status update

Created 11/8/19, author CE, licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) .

Currently (11/8/19) the site is very much a work in progress and major work will be needed through to the end of 2019 given the time I can give to this. I will put the latest status updates here and build a historical site development log of those.

Done: Replacement of the page content that had mysteriously disappeared (from the old site and the new one), mostly on the pages about the instruments. In addition, much more reorganisation and updating of pages.
Immediate priorities: check and fix broken links, start updating language pages.

Longer term work list

Please contact me if you can see things that need fixing/changing or if you want to recommend updates or additions and I will add them here in some compromise of urgency and order of arrival.

  • Broken link check and fix.
  • Finish updating all language pages.
  • Where they are complete, add PDFs as functional download links.
  • Finish updating country pages.
  • Update publications database and page.
  • Improve indexing/searching?
  • Add scoring and statistical utilities.