Subsites, local sites, specialist sites

Created 14.x.20, tweaked 16.x.20

As of late 2020 I can now create subsites here and delegate them, with their own blog, to anyone who will maintain them. The obvious and initial use is for languages/regions and Dr. Clara Paz is now running the first:

Subsitio CORE en espaƱol (subsite for the CORE in Spanish)

I am very happy to create more subsites for others when Clara and I have worked out if it really does work as smoothly as it seems it should. It may be that there is logic to creating subsites for specialist interests, perhaps for the YP-CORE and work with young people or for the LD-CORE and work with people with learning/intellectual disabilities/difficulties, or even perhaps for specialist research interests. If you might want to run a subsite here, contact me.

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