Page last updated 17/2/19.

Arabic CORE-OM

This is the text of my standard Email to people asking about the Arabic CORE-OM.

I am very sorry but there is currently no approved translation of any CORE instrument into Arabic.  It does look as if we may finish a good translation of the YP-CORE by mid-2019. (That’s been a bit held up by the lead person getting pregnant!)  The CORE-OM, and hence all the short forms for adults, is not even started as I’ve never had any Arabic speaker who has wanted to take on leading the translation with me.

Anyway, the best way to make sure you hear about either the YP-CORE or the CORE-OM is finally done is to sign up for the CST Emails, sign up is at the bottom of every page on the CST web site.

As I say, doing a good translation of an instrument is not a trivial undertaking, and as CORE System Trust has never charged for any of our instruments we have no income stream other than grants and grants for translations of instruments seem hard to win and it has seemed actually a net loss of time to commit work to applications so all our translations have been done on volunteer labour from me and from generous others whose speak the target language.

You can help move the the Arabic translation forward in a few ways:

  1. If you are willing to fund it, I’m very keen to hear from you! 
  2. If you have interpreters working with Arabic speaking clients who might do a forward translation in the interim and would be willing to donate it to the pool that we will need to get Arabic done, then I’d hugely appreciate that.  Would be particularly useful if I could have it in some electronic form, ideally a Word or Open/LibreOffice file and it would be great to know if the interpreter sees it as any particular localisation or dialect of Arabic.  Even if only handwritten and scanned or ‘faxed to 0709 230 7650 it would still probably be useful in nudging the translation forward.
  3. If your first language is Arabic and you are willing to take on the lead role for the translation, do please have a look at what is involved (see and particularly  If you think you, or a colleague or student of yours might be able to lead this, do get in touch with me.  Translations probably work best as a Masters or Doctoral student project.

Arabic YP-CORE

This is in final stages of qualitative field testing and I hope to finalise it and make PDFs available here soon after Sulafa Yassin who has co-led the translation with me, with input from many others, returns from maternity leave.