Page created 5/4/15 and updated 5/6/16.

Chinese translations

A paper was published about a translation of the CORE-OM into Chinese (Ming Wai, W. (2001). Ethnic culture, distress and clinical measurement: A CORE outcome comparison on the British Chinese and white Europeans. Journal of Mental Health10, 301–315.) However, that translation was done without permission and not to our standards for translations (which were only evolving when the author did that work) and the author agrees it’s not a very good translation and a better one would come from our now very well established methods (see translation policy and procedure).

Fortunately, Dr. Ya Zhang of East China Normal University in Shanghai has led translations conforming to our policies and over a very packed three days 27-29/5/16 we completed the focus groups for both the CORE-OM and the YP-CORE and are happy we have good translations.  Back translation checking and the crucial field checking are happening now (June 2016) and we will then collaborate on a psychometric evaluation of both measures in China.

Huge thanks to Chen Fu Xia (陈福侠), Chen Guo Peng (陈国鹏), Li Bo Wei (李伯维), Liu Xiao Ling (刘晓陵), Sze Chai Kwok (郭思齐), Hu Jing(胡静), Xu Di Feng (许荻枫), Wu Meng Yang (吴梦阳), Wang Hao Jie (王晧洁), Zhang Huai Hui (张怀惠), Zhang Xian (张冼), Jin Zi Yu(金子玉), Jin Li Wei (金力炜)and Zhang Ya (张亚)herself for the hard work that went into the independent translations and focus groups.  As always, CORE System Trust is deeply grateful for all the voluntary input of so many people who make the translations possible.

If you are interested in using either measure in Chinese and you are willing and able to contribute anonymised data to our datasets, then please contact us using the form below.  If you cannot contribute data you may still want to contact us and we will put you on a list of people we will notify as soon as we have finished the initial psychometric explorations and feel the measures are ready for widespread use.