Page created 1/1/15 for the original site, updated 30/3/15 and 23/2/19.

A translation of the CORE-OM into French was co-led by Professor Stacey Callahan from the University of Toulouse. Professor Callahan, who speaks excellent French, was working closely with many of her native French speaking colleagues, and an approved translation of the CORE-OM (and hence the short forms) into French has been completed and feedback from Francophone Swiss and Canadians has so far uniformly said that it is entirely satisfactory for use in those countries too. 

Pressure of work on both Professor Callahan has prevented a psychometric exploration being led out of Toulouse but I know that the translation is about to be used in a substantial service in Quebec with agreement to for collaboration in an exploration of the psychometrics of that routine clinical dataset so I am hoping that this will come to fruition in 2020 or 2021. I believe that the measure is in use in Switzerland and in some services in France.

Later in 2019 or early 2020 Professor Callahan and I hope to find a way to conduct an exploration of clinical and non-clinical data from France. If you are interested in joining us in that, do contact me (my French, with a bit of Google assistance, is usually good enough to cope with short Emails in French). We will certainly share the PDFs if your use is too small to usefully contribute to an exploration, or if simply can’t do that, but we are very keen to find collaborators for that study. If you are in a French university, we are completely happy to collaborate on this: do contact me.