Page created 1/1/15 for the original site, updated 23/2/19.

The translation of the CORE-OM has been completed and a reassuring initial psychometric exploration involving both clinical and non-clinical samples was done by Dr. Stefanie Sproll for her diploma at the Sigmund Freud Universit├Ąt in Vienna supervised by Dr. Diana Braakmann.  Dr. Sproll has moved on to full time clinical work and other commitments so a paper based on her work will be submitted for publication whenever I can find enough time to write it.

Meanwhile, contact me (CE) if you want PDFs of the German CORE-OM or any of the derived short forms. Do please also contact me (CE) if you might be interested in co-leading a translation into German of the YP-CORE or LD-CORE or if you might want to co-lead the development of a German CORE users’ PRN (Practice Research Network).

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