Page created 1/1/15 for old site, updated 23/2/19.

The original translation of the CORE-OM into Greek was co-led with my friend and (now-ex) colleague, Dr. Katy Damaskinidou and it was completed many years ago now.  As Katy is now working in the UK, and has been for some years, her and my friend, Dr. Evrinomy Avdi, based in the University in Thessaloniki, has taken over co-leading this work. Initial psychometric exploration from small but sufficient samples was good but went unpublished as it was never high enough up Katy or my todo lists sadly. However, used of the CORE-OM is slowly spreading in Greece and Dr. Avdi, with students and colleagues, has led collection of data from a psychotherapy clinic in Thessaloniki and a substance abuse clinic in Athens as well as student and general population non-clinical samples of convenience. We hope to submit a paper with initial psychometric exploration of the translation for publication by the end of 2019.

Evrinomy is also leading the development of network of psychologists, psychotherapists and other mental health practitioners who are using CORE or will be starting to use CORE across the whole of Greece.  If you are interested in this work, contact us for more information.

We also hope to carry out a translation of the YP-CORE into Greek in 2019. To keep in touch with developments, do sign up for the CORE announcements Email list (very low traffic): the sign up form is at the bottom left of every page on this site.